Out of the Ordinary Wedding Themes

Here at Hera we have gathered some of the most interesting wedding themes we have ever seen! These truly break the mold and we just had to write all about it!


High School Sweethearts

These two high school sweethearts flew back in time and celebrated with some nostalgic touches that was a hit with guests and brought it back to where it all started.





Vintage Carnival



With fun games and sweet treats you can never go wrong with a carnival- fun for all ages!



If you and your hubby-to-be spend all your time with your noses in a book this could be the wedding for you! Dawned with baby’s breath, literary centerpieces and a vintage feel it’ll transport you to your favorite book store.

Snow White

You are sure to woo your Prince Charming with this fairy-tale theme. Complete the look with mirrors, woodland centerpieces and (non-poisoned) apples.



Game of Thrones

For all you Game of Thrones fans- this could be the day you’ve been dreaming of!



Wizard of Oz

There is no place like home- and that certainly is true when you are surrounded by the ones you love the most. this couple certainly went all out for their special day!



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