DIY Wedding Decorations

IKEA is your best friend!

These gorgeous gold candles can be made with IKEA candles & candle holders, gold spray paint and your choice of glitter!


Give some IKEA lanterns a new color and let them light the way!


Personalization doesn’t have to be expensive!

Want to add some personal touches to your wedding without breaking the bank? Stencils are great if you don’t have the neatest handwriting!


Hot glue guns are necessary! 

Making a photo booth backdrop is nothing more than your favorite color combination of ribbon and a little glue! Mix and match colors to give it some depth! It’s that easy!


It’s the little things! 

Instantly transform any container from boring and drab to rustic with a little twine or rope!


Don’t forget the dollar store!

Use these dollar store vases to add a little sparkle to your big day! Just add glitter and done!


Table numbers can be made from crafting essentials!

Whether glitter is your thing or you prefer a more subtle style, everything you need for all your table numbers can be found at a craft store! Foam, wood, plastic. No one will know what lies beneath your personal touches!



What are your favorite DIY wedding ideas?


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