Personalize Your Wedding!

Your wedding is one of those unique & exciting days when it’s all about you! From the perfect dress to the personal touches at the ceremony and reception, let your personality shine through every aspect of the big day!

Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate customization in a wedding:

Custom M&Ms!

Whether you prefer to match your sweet treats to the color scheme of your wedding, or you’d like to incorporate your initials and photographs, it’s all possible! These custom M&Ms make great snacks at the reception or even wedding favors to send home with your guests!



Hangers for the Bride & Bridesmaids!

That classic image of your wedding gown next to your bridesmaids’ dresses wouldn’t be complete without personalized hangers for you and each of your favorite ladies! They really add a personal touch and can be re-used again and again after the day is over!

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.55.51 PM

source: theweddingac

Globe with A Personalized Quote

For the wanderlusting couples who love to travel together, these personalized globes are perfect centerpieces or decorations for the wedding reception! BullCityCalligraphy can customize a quote of your choice for the exciting day, and they can be re-used as decor in your home later on!


source: BullCityCalligraphy

Sweet Treats!

Who says all sweets have to be similar? Not with these adorable custom cookies made to match the theme of your wedding!


source: BakingConfections

Create a #Hashtag

To keep track of all the fun photos taken on your wonderful day, keep a hashtag for your guests to use on Instagram to share their snaps!


source: NellaDesigns

Bride & Groom Toasting Glasses

For your first toast as husband & wife, drink in style with customized champagne flutes with your names and date of the wedding. It’ll be a keepsake you’ll have forever!


source: LetsTieTheKnot

Custom Napkins!

It’s the little things in a wedding that really WOW the guests! Have your names, the date, or a couple logo printed on some napkins for cocktail hour or at the reception!


source: PicturePerfectPapier


Candles of your favorite scents, complete with a custom label are the perfect favor to send home with your guests when the big day is over. Every time they light it, they’ll think of you!


source: lulusugar

Personalized Wedding Cake Topper

Long gone are the days of unoriginal or cheesy cake toppers. Make your cake stand out with a custom topper that will really add a personal touch to dessert!


source: LaserWorld

Return Address Stamp

Celebrate your new union with a custom stamp to use when writing your thank you’s!


source: flourishdesignco 


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