Style the Season: Fall Weddings

There’s just something about Fall that tends to get people all warm and fuzzy inside! From the pumpkin spice treats to the soft and comfy blankets, nothing quite brings out the best in people like the changing of the leaves.

The Colors. Whether you love warm burgundy and burnt orange or like to stick with subdued peach and classic neutrals, there’s a combination of palettes you can create for the big day! This guide offers a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing for the theme of your wedding!


The Invite. You want to let your true personality shine through your invitations and give your guests a tiny little preview of what the big day will be like!


source: wedding – planning


source: wedding – planning

The Decor. Fall is all about warmth and coziness. Think about incorporating candles, white pumpkins, and wood textures to effortlessly tap into the heart of the season.


source: UnitedWithLove


source: LovelyIndeed

The Aisle. There is nothing quite as festive as soft candle light or warm-toned flowers. For a Fall wedding, you can keep the aisle rustic and whimsical with natural hues and textures.


source: ColinCowieWeddings


source: FlourishDesigns

The Bridesmaids. From dusted rose and champagne to blush and gold, there are so many ways to make your bridesmaids stand out this Fall! Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and colors to reflect their personalities and your vision!


source: Hera


source: Hera

The Cake. Fall is the perfect season to incorporate the latest trend in the wedding world- the  unfrosted “naked” wedding cake. There’s something so rustic and inviting about this simple cake that will tie in perfectly with all your other personal touches! If a frosted cake is more your style, try adopting natural components like yellow roses to keep with the warm theme!


source: BustledBlog


source: wedding – invitations

The Food. What better to offer your guests on a chilly night than a hot chocolate bar? Filled with everything from whipped cream to sprinkles, your guests can warm up on this sweet treat in celebration of the big day!


If desserts are more your style, try out a mini pie bar, stocked with all your favorites! It’ll be sure to bring back that fuzzy feeling inside the moment they bite into this homemade treat!


source: HuffingtonPost

The Goodies. Send your family and friends home with something that reminds them of you. From s’mores kits and caramel apples to miniature bottles of apple cider and cinnamon cloves, there’s a variety of party favors that they’ll love to bring home at the end of the night!


source: FavorCouture


source: FavorCouture

How would you plan a Fall wedding?


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