Something Blue


It’s a phrase we’ve all heard many times before, but why do we follow it?

The phrase comes from an Old English Folklore originating in 1898 and has since taken on many different variations and versions. The most common version that we hear in today’s wedding world is “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” with each of the factors symbolizing something specific.

Oldtradition & continuity

New optimism for the future

Borrowed shared happiness

Blue love & fidelity

Today, brides often use family heirlooms and other special objects and tokens that she collects from family and friends for the big day. Not to be treated as a superstition, the old poem is merely a fun way to wish good luck to your wedding!

There’s a variety of different ways to incorporate blues into your wedding! Here are a few of our favorite ideas:



source: WeddingWire

Soft Baby Blue Nails


source: PurpleTreeWeddingPhotographers

Secret Messages in Blue Ink


source: AmyArringtonPhotography

Sapphire Bridesmaids Dresses


source: Hera 

Subtle Blue Bouquet!


source: modwedding

What “something blue” will you use in your wedding?


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